Maynooth University Summer School

June 12-16 2017
Registration is open and places are filling up in some of the slots – see the website for details.
Maynooth University Admissions Office
Tel: +353 1 708 3822

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Business / Entrepreneurship at IADT.

Get a taste of IADT at our Taster Day on Monday, 20th February.
It is a great opportunity for you to feel the IADT experience for yourself. Check out the campus, talk to the staff and try your hand at some of the workshops that will show you what you could be doing next year. Workshops include: ‘How to Come Up With a Business Idea‘ (12.00 noon) and ‘Social Media + You‘ (2.00 p.m.).
More details about the workshops here 👉
Register for workshop(s): here

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UCAS Extra

Extra 2017 – available from 25 February until 4 July


Students who have used all five choices and are not holding any offers,  can use our free Extra service, to add another choice from 25 February. Find out more about our direct contact service which will be going live on 27 February, in conjunction with Extra.

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The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS)

 The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS) in the Netherlands offers 11 international, English-language bachelors that are open to international students including  European Studies, an international and interdisciplinary management programme.

The Hague University of Applied Sciences is an ambitious, international institution with a wide variety of bachelor programmes ranging from International Business Management to Industrial Design Engineering. Most of the bachelors are four-year programmes, but several programmes  also offer a three-year fast track for students with an IB diploma or an international equivalent.

For full details on our institution, you can visit our website:

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UCD Alerts 2017

2017 DN670

Quantitative Business

The degree option in Business Analyticshas been withdrawn for 2017 entry. ‘Economics and Finance’ will remain as the only degree pathway for those applying to DN670.
2017 DN615 BCL Maîtrise The BCL Maîtrise will no longer exist as a separate entry pathway. Students who enter Law with French Law (DN600) can apply for a place in this degree option following first year.
2017 DN140 Structural Engineering with Architecture Structural Engineering with Architecture will no longer be a separate entry pathway but will be a degree option in DN150 Engineering.
2017 DN512 English with Drama English with Drama will no longer exist as a separate entry pathway. English and Drama Studies will be offered via DN500 BA Programme
2017 DN501 BA Part-time The BA Part-time programme is no longer a separate entry route. However, students who enter DN500 may opt to study part-time at registration.
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New TCD course

TR040 Middle Eastern and European Languages and Cultures

This new programme offers students a unique opportunity to study the history, culture and one language of the Middle East (Arabic, Hebrew, Turkish) combined with a choice of a European language (French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish) and its history and culture.

Entry Requirements:  Applicants must present at least one European language other than English or Irish. A minimum of a higher level grade 3 (Grade C at A Level) in one of French, German, Greek, Italian, Latin, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Arabic or Hebrew Studies OR where a student is presenting two languages they must attain at least the following grades; a higher level grade 4 if presenting Greek, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Arabic or Hebrew Studies; a higher level grade 3 if presenting French or German.

Applicants taking A Levels must present a Grade B at A Level in one of the language

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Engineers Week show

A free Engineers Week show for post-primary school students on Thursday 9th of March.

Join Becca Smithers for A Rough Guide to Engineering where she will explore how Engineering has changed our lives! This is a careers driven show aiming to introduce secondary school pupils to the wide range of careers available in engineering, and to show them that they can aspire to be engineers too!

The show will be followed by a fascinating and engaging exhibition showcasing the work of students from IADT’s Creative Media Technologies programme. You are invited to explore this exhibition on campus in the Atrium building for a unique experience of Audio, Visual, Interactive Electronics and Robotic creations that demonstrate a broad range of technical and creative skills.

This show is most suitable for 11 – 16 year olds and the exhibition is suitable for all ages. Students must be accompanied by and adult at all times.

Book your tickets for the show and the exhibition here:

To book places for the exhibition alone, please contact Claire Burke

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