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We are a registered test centre in SAC and will meet with all UCAS early applicants at the start of term.

For some of our courses, your students will need to take an admissions assessment for which they must be registered in advance. This year, there are some changes to registration deadlines and test dates for the tests administered by Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing (CAAT). Dates for 2022 will be earlier than usual – any students applying for the courses listed below will need to be registered for their assessment by 30 September 2022. Late registration will not be possible and may result in the application being invalid. If your school or college is not a registered assessment centre and would like to find out more about becoming one, you can find more details on the CAAT website. The deadline to apply for this is 16 September 2022.

  • Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology (NSAA) – assessment date: 19 October
  • Computer Science (TMUA) – assessment date: 18 October
  • Economics (TMUA) – assessment date: 18 October
  • Engineering (ENGAA) – assessment date: 19 October
  • Medicine (BMAT) – assessment date: 18 October
  • Natural Sciences (NSAA) – assessment date: 19 October
  • Veterinary Medicine (NSAA) – assessment date: 19 October

Visit the Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing website for more details.

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Art & Animation summer camps in DIVA

If you are considering a career in Art or animation you should check out this great new opportunity to work with DIVA.

Myself and my business partner have spent the last two years setting up a gallery and art centre in Dun Laoghaire – DIVA (the Dun Laoghaire Institute of Visual Arts). We open our doors in June, and will be running art and animation summer camps throughout July and August, as well as after-school art classes starting in September! All booking info is up on our website

We have an open weekend coming up on the 18th and 19th of June, for people to stop by, see the place, and say hello!

If you or anyone you know has kids/ students between the ages of 7-18 looking for summer camps/art classes, please send them our way! 

Thanks so much for reading and hope you all have a lovely summer,

Annie Laing

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Studying abroad information for 5th years

If you missed our information meeting today drop into guidance or email us and we will send you information. It is a good idea to check in with us so that you can prepare your applications over the summer.

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Open Learning Pathway UCD

Open Learning Pathway for 6th Years

Best wishes to all your students in their upcoming exams.  Please bear in mind another route into UCD for 6th years is our Open Learning pathway.  Leaving certificate results are not required as there are no entry requirements for Open Learners.   Students can sign up in August online to study 6 modules per academic year and then reapply through the CAO for entry into certain degree programmes.  They do need to achieve a certain grade point average in those 6 modules.  I would appreciate it if you could share this information with your 6th years. See additional information here

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Cambridge advice


Advice and information for parents and supporters of prospective Cambridge students
Please share this message with your parents, carers, and/or supporters.
The University of Cambridge is starting a new monthly e-newsletter for parents, carers and supporters of prospective applicants to Cambridge, offering support and advice throughout the admissions process. The newsletter will address common questions and concerns, and aims to offer guidance when supporting your student.Sign up now
Have your sayOur Admissions Team want to answer your questions so we can make sure we’re providing parents and supporters with all the information you need.Submit your questions via the short form >
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Statement of Application

This is an important document and you are responsible for making sure the information you need is recorded correctly.

From Friday (6 May), CAO will begin emailing all applicants who applied to CAO by 1 February this year. (Applicants who applied using the late application facility will receive an email later in the month). This email is referred to as the Statement of Application Record email.

The email instructs applicants to log in to their CAO account to confirm that all of their personal details, examination information, exemptions (if any) and course choices are recorded correctly on their accounts.

If ther are any errors or omissions, applicants are given the opportunity to rectify this information (for no charge) via their online CAO Account. Examination updates made before the end of May will be updated to applicant accounts in early June.

Please note that emails will issue over a number of weeks, starting with Leaving Certificate applicants, followed by QQI FET applicants, GCE applicants, mature applicants and other school leaving applicants.

For more information, go to  

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Change of Mind

.The CAO Change of Mind facility opened on Thursday, 5 May. Applicants may add, remove or change the order of their courses as many times as they like up to the 1 July at 5pm (restrictions apply, see page 3 of the CAO Handbook). To date, over 6,600 applicants have yet to add course choices to their application.

Applicants are also urged to read the ‘Changes to the 2022 Handbook’ document (available from for information on new courses, cancelled courses, title changes and miscellaneous changes. 

There is no extra charge for this.

Do arrange to meet your guidance counsellor if you would like to talk about this or anything else.

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DARE HEAR Application Outcomes and Review and Appeal dates

DARE HEAR application outcomes will be available online on Tuesday, 28 June from 2pm. All applicants will receive email notification about the outcome of their DARE/HEAR application. Applicants can log into their CAO account and select the DARE/ HEAR Application Outcome to view the outcome of their DARE HEAR application.

Ineligible applicants who have grounds for making a Review and Appeal application must complete the online Review and Appeals application form by 4 July 2022 at 5pm. Review and Appeal applications must be made online through the CAO ’My Application’ facility. Where applicable, applicants must provide documentation (objective documentary evidence) by 5pm on 6 July 2022 to CAO, Tower House Eglinton, Street, Galway.

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DATE: Wednesday May 11th
Join us via Zoom over the next three Wednesdays to learn about the accommodation options and studying Product Design, Engineering and Robotics at MU.
More details and booking visit

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Make stress your friend – workshop for 6th years today

 Sixth year students are encouraged to attend a stress workshop with Simon Cox  in Room 2.04.  This will be held both during PE at 12:00 and at lunchtime at 1:15 today , it would be great if you could come along to one session.

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