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Fifth year meetings and Mock Interviews

We are looking forward to meeting with you all individually over the next few weeks to discuss your career and course choices.  Don’t worry if you are still undecided as this is quite normal!  The main thing is that you start … Continue reading

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DARE applications

Just a reminder that the closing date for you to fill in all your information on the DARE section of your CAO is the 1st March. You will also need a recent ( within the last 3 years)  educational psychologist or … Continue reading

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Irish Exemptions for Matriculation

If you do not study Irish or are eligible for an Irish Exemption for matriculation purposes and wish to avail of the exemption you should see your guidance counsellor.   Make sure that you have submitted the relevant documentation to the  guidance.  department.  You … Continue reading

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HPAT Practice

We will hold another HPAT practice workshop on Tuesday Period 5 in the Guidance Department. Let us know if you would like to attend.

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Cambridge Profile &EirQuest repeat.

We are holding a repeat session for students who missed  the Cambridge Profile and Eirquest Interest Assesment. Please come to the Guidance Department at 9 on Wednesday 16th February.  We will supply you with pencils etc.

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Transition Year Subject Choice

We will be meeting all fourth year students from Monday onwards to discuss their Eirquest and Cambridge Profiles.

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HPAT Practice after school

We will  be holding another practice session at 4.00 this afternoon.

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