Your DARE Application Timeline

By 1 February 2019  –  apply to CAO

By 1 March 2019  –  

  1. You must indicate wish to be considered for DARE by ticking ‘Yes’ to Question 1 on by 17.15.

2.  You must complete Section A (Questions 1-5) of the Supplementary Information Form.

By 1 April 2019 – 

You must return the completed, signed AND stamped

  1. Educational Impact Statement (Section B)
  2. Evidence of Disability (Section C) or other evidence of Disability                                 to the CAO, Tower House, Eglington Street, Galway by 17.15.   Make sure your documents are clear and easily read.  Put your name and CAO number on all documents. Faxed and emailed documents are not accepted.

By Late June 2019 –

You will be notified of the outcome of your DARE application.

June/ early July – 

Appeals process and notification of outcome.

August 2019  

  • Leaving Cert Exam Results
  • Eligible DARE applicant compete for reduced points places
  • Course places are offered and should be accepted through the CAO

Late August/ September

Attend orientation and register with Disability Support Services.

See for information that is relevant to your application.

The applicant is responsible for his or her application and must send Section B and  Section C information to the CAO. 

All students meet with their guidance counsellor to discuss their application.

Section B is completed with learning support or guidance as appropriate.

The school can not send applications to CAO and has no access to CAO accounts unless you ask us to help.   It is vital that applicants make themselves familiar with the  application process. 

Come and see us in Guidance if you need any help or have any questions.



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