Intel – Women in Technology Scholarship

Announcing the 2018 Intel Women in Technology ScholarshipIntel


Intel’s success in Ireland has been built on the quality of highly skilled and educated people available in the country. Through the ‘Women in Technology’ scholarship program, Intel hopes to increase awareness and encourage a new generation of high-achieving women to take up the challenge of a career in science and technology.

With that in mind, Intel is pleased to this year continue the Women in Technology scholarship program for females who have just embarked on third level education. Scholarships are now open to female school leavers (6th year) who plan to enter specified four year undergraduate degree courses in science, technology and engineering (full selection criteria is outlined online) and each scholarship includes the following:

Monetary grant valued at €3,000 for each student per annum.

Scholars will complete intern or summer internships at Intel Ireland.

To assist with career progression and further education, each scholar will be assigned an Intel mentor who can assist and provide advice on managing their academic career.

Should you require more information, you can view our website or email  Students can apply from April and the form will close in October.

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