TCD Entrance Exhibitions & Sizarships

“Since 1870, Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin has awarded Entrance Exhibitions. Over the years, the award has evolved and, since 1985, Entrance Exhibitions have been awarded on the basis of performance in public examinations such as the Leaving Certificate or equivalent.

Trinity is committed to encompassing an ever more diverse student community and achieving a broader representation of students from across the island of Ireland and beyond through its access and admissions policies. In response to this objective, the University Council has recently agreed to change the way in which Entrance Exhibitions will be awarded from September 2018 onwards.

 Entrance Exhibitions will continue to reward academic achievement, but, at the same time, they will seek to take into consideration the context of that academic achievement at second-level.  The new criteria for the award of Entrance Exhibitions in 2018-19 are as follows:

Entrance Exhibitions will be awarded to the student accepted into the Junior Fresh (first) year who achieves the highest points among Trinity entrants from their secondary school and who achieves a minimum of 500 points, including bonus points for mathematics. Students from the same school presenting with the same points score will all be awarded an Entrance Exhibition.  

Full details are available from . These criteria will apply to new entrants from schools in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.
 Achievement of an Entrance Exhibition will continue to be celebrated with a reception for the new Exhibitioners, their parents/guardians and school principal, to include the formal roll call. We have produced a small leaflet on the Entrance Exhibitions and Sizarships (support available for Entrance Exhibitioners who meet certain financial criteria) for your students, which explains what they are and how they are awarded.
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