What happens in TY Guidance …


  • Eight week guidance module
  • • REACH+ Course – www.careersportal.ie
  • Individual meetings
  • EirQuest Interest Assessment and Cambridge Profile
  • Lunchtime subject choice clinics


  • Self-Assessment • Career Interests • Personality • Values • Skills • Dreams and Ambitions • The World of Work • Lifelong Learning • CAO • College • Work Placement • Curriculum Vitae (CV) Preparation

Cambridge Occupational Analysts (COA)  

Students complete psychometric assessments in Term one and meet individually with their guidance counsellor.

  • EirQuest analyses individual student responses and produces an Interest Profile based on over 40 broad career areas.
  • Cambridge Profile are a series of timed tests which measure performance on the day in areas of aptitude.
  • • These can be helpful as part of a wider investigation of interests and aptitudes: http://www.mycareersroom.co.uk

The Transition Year team and Guidance Department  facilitate Work Experience, careers talks and placements and a variety of events and workshops with HEI’s and the local community and SACA.

Students can arrange to  meet with their Guidance Counsellor.

Ms Brady:  4 FN.  4M.  4T.  4OH  A to J. s

Ms Hayes:  4DCY.  4GA.  4K.  4OH K to W.



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