DARE – Disability Access Route to Education 2018 

What is DARE? 

DARE is a third level alternative admissions scheme for school- leavers whose disabilities have had a negative impact on their second level education.

Who can apply to DARE?

School leavers with a disability  who have been educationally impacted as a result of that disability.

What are the benefits of DARE?

If you apply to DARE and meet the application criteria ( that is, you are deemed eligible for DARE) you may be offered a place even if you don’t have enough Leaving Certificate/ IB points for your course.  Each participating HEI ( Higher Education Institute) has a reserved number of places to offer eligible DARE applicants at lower or reduced points.

DARE Application Timeline 

By February 1st 2018 – make a CAO application at http://www.cao.ie and indicate your wish to be considered for DARE by ticking YES to Question 1 on http://www.cao.ie

By March 1st  –  Complete Section A  ( Questions 1 – 5 ) of the online supplementary information form.

By April 1st – The applicant must return the completed:

  1. Educational Impact Statement (Section B).  This is completed by the school and signed by the school and the applicant and returned to the applicant for posting.
  2. Evidence of Disability Section C or other evidence of Disability

Sent to CAO, Tower House, Eglingon Street, Galway by the applicant to arrive before 17.15.

April/June  – Assessment of DARE applications and notification of outcome.

End June – DARE review and Appeals Application.

More information on http://www.accesscollege.ie

Your guidance counsellor can help with your application and will organise the Educational Impact Statement on request.


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