Tilburg University deadlines

Traditionally, the application deadline for all our programs was May 1. For most of our programs that’s still the case. However, Tilburg University has two numerus fixus programs, and these programs have a new and early application deadline for the first time this year. Our two Numerus Fixus programs are Economics and International Business Administration.

For all Numerus Fixus programs in the Netherlands, the application deadline is January 15, 2017. Students have to be registered in Studielink by this date, in order to take part in the selection procedure. Studielink will close after this deadline and it is therefore crucial to be registered for the correct Numerus Fixus program(s) on time.

The good news is that that is all this deadline means; a registration. Students have until February 15 to upload their application package for our university in Tilburg University’s application system, MySAS.

More about Numerus Fixus

We can imagine this is causing a little confusion. You may be wondering what Numerus Fixus is, how the new procedure works, or where to find more information. We’ve created a web page where we describe the process in more detail, to hopefully answer some of your questions.

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