TY Cambridge profile and Eirquest

As part of our Transition Year guidance programme all TY students will take the Cambridge Profile and Eirquest Career Assessments next Tuesday 27th September.    These are a series of aptitude and  interest assessments which are intended to help students to identify and explore potential  areas of career and course interest and to consider their likely aptitudes.

These tests are in no way definitive and measure performance and stated career area preferences on one day and under test conditions.  They do not measure important  qualities such as creativity, motivation or interpersonal  intelligence.   They are intended to be helpful as one element in a larger process of exploration and decision making regarding subject choices in 5th year and possible study and career paths.   All students will meet with their  guidance counsellor to talk about the feedback from the assessments and to consider subject choices and possible courses and careers.     Students will receive a personal report and a link to an online personal portal.  Additionally all students have a 6 week guidance module and a personal online REACH careers programme.

Guidance groups:

Ms Brady Ms Hayes
4 G Ms Gavin 4 T Ms Taylor
4 B Ms Burke 4 D Ms Devane
4 C Ms Cahill 4 H Ms Halferty
4 M Mr Mahon ( B – L) 4 M Mr Mahon ( L to W)

The Cambridge Profile test comprises:

 Verbal Reasoning

 Numerical Reasoning

 Abstract Reasoning

 Spatial Reasoning (2D and 3D)

 Arithmetic Calculation

Click to access cp_parents_brochure_email.pdf


Students complete a questionnaire about their interests, abilities and personal qualities without pressure of time. Their answers are then used to produce a careers guidance workbook covering over 40 broad career areas.



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