TCD Alert list – New courses and changes

TR080 ‘Bachelor in Business Studies’

This is a new course which allows direct entry to Business Studies from year 1 (previously, Business Studies was only available as an option within the B.E.S.S. programme). Note that Business Studies will also continue to be an option within the B.E.S.S. programme.

Students must present a grade OC3/HD3 in Leaving Certificate Mathematics (or grade B at GCSE level). There are 25 places available.

New TSM Option

‘Classical Languages’

The former TSM subjects Greek and Latin have been replaced by the new ‘Classical Languages’ option. Within this option students will study Greek or Latin. There are 16 places available.

Change to Course Specific Entry Requirements

TR021 ‘Classics’

Students may now study both Greek and Latin from beginner level (previously, students needed to present either Greek or Latin at Leaving Certificate or A-Level).

TR052 ‘Dental Science’

Leaving Certificate students entering Dental Science from 2016 may not present Agricultural Science as one of the two required science subjects. Students must present two of the following subjects at higher level: physics, chemistry, biology, physics/chemistry.

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