Exploring Engineering & STEM Careers for Students with Disabilities

AheadThe event will take place on Wednesday 21st October @ Science Gallery, Trinity College, Pearse Street, Dublin 2 from 10am – 1pm (registration to open at 9.30am).

As increasing numbers of students with disabilities participate in science and engineering academic programs, the accessibility of STEM careers increases in importance. Everyone who chooses to engage on a science, technology or engineering program should feel welcome and be able to participate comfortably and efficiently and then transition to work.

Disabilities include those that affect vision, speech, hearing, attention, learning, and mobility. Keep in mind, that many disabilities are not obvious to others. These “invisible disabilities” include learning disabilities, attention deficits, autism spectrum disorders, and psychiatric impairments.

Using the framework of the Engineering Design Process, this event seeks to anticipate the needs of graduates with disabilities and encourage companies to apply universal design concepts to their very core in the future.

This is a free event but registration is ESSENTIAL and will close on the 14th October 2015. You can register by visiting our event link: click here The target audience for this event is aimed at faculty and career professionals, major engineering employers and students and graduates.

To download the full poster click here.

If you have any further queries please contact Angela Glancy at wam@ahead.ie or phone 01 716 8844.

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