2015 CIT-DePuy Scholarship – Biomedical Engineering (CR520) at CIT

The School of Mechanical, Electrical & Process Engineering is delighted to announce the 2015 CIT-DePuy Scholarship . Application for this scholarship is open to any student who has applied through the CAO to study Biomedical Engineering (CR520) at CIT . This scholarship is offered in conjunction with DePuy, Cork, Ireland.

Who are DePuy?
DePuy are global leaders in providing healthcare solutions and employ over 5,300 worldwide. Their Irish operation is based in Co. Cork and employs over 600 people. It was established in 1997 to manufacture orthopaedic hips and knees. In early 2008 DePuy announced its intention to develop next generation orthopaedic products and processes for a global market at its Irish operation with the establishment of an innovation centre. The Innovation Centre is an important part of DePuy Ireland’s global strategy and the work of the Cork Centre supports the development of next generation orthopaedic products and operations. People, with PhD, Masters and Bachelor Degrees in Biomedical Engineering, Materials and Quality, are employed in the new purpose-built Innovation Centre and labs.

What is the nature of the Scholarship?
Funding by DePuy towards your education each year of your 4 years studying the Honours Degree in Biomedical Engineering (CR520) at CIT. For the academic year 2015/2016 the scholarship will be €2250
Opportunity (although no obligation) for work placement with DePuy
No obligation (on either party) post-graduation

What is the Recipient Selection Process?
1.On-line application form (Closing date: 14th March 2015)
2.Selected students invited for Interview (March/April)
3.Final awarding of scholarship will depend on interview performance and Leaving Cert results. (Scholarship awarded in September 2015)

The interview panel will consider such things as:
Academic interests
Knowledge/enthusiasm for the field of Biomedical Engineering
Involvement and achievements in extracurricular activities
Interpersonal and communication skills

further information?
Scholarship co-ordinator
Dr Hugh O’Donnell
Email: hugh.odonnell@cit.ie
Tel: 021 4326505

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