Preparing for Oxford interviews

Preparing for an interview – Advice from Oxford Admissions.

We recommend that you:
-think about some basic questions that may be asked at the beginning of an interview and how you might answer them. For example, tutors may ask why you have chosen this particular subject, and why you want to study it at Oxford.
– read widely around your chosen subject, including newspaper articles, websites, journals, magazines and other publications.
– take a critical view of ideas and arguments that you encounter at school or college, or in the media – think about all sides of any debate.
– be prepared to show some background knowledge of the subject, if you are applying for a course not normally studied at school or college, such as Medicine, Law, Biochemistry or Oriental Studies. However, you will not be expected to have a detailed understanding of specific or technical topics. For example, you may be asked what role your subject plays in society.
– re-read your personal statement, and any written work that you have submitted, thinking about how you might expand on what you wrote.
– organise a practice interview for yourself. This could be with a teacher or someone else who is familiar with your subject, but preferably not someone you know very well. This will help you to get some more experience of talking about yourself and your work in an unfamiliar environment.
– remind yourself of the selection criteria for your chosen subject.

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