CAO deadlines and important information

For those of you that have already applied to CAO online, you have up to 31st January to enter your course choices.
If you have already entered your courses but you wish to add, remove or change the order of your choices, you can revisit your application using the `My Application` facility as many times as you like up until 31st January. There is no charge for this service.
If you wish to apply for a restricted course you must include this course code in your application now – it will be too late when the Change of Mind facility opens in May **.
A lot of restricted courses have assessments and interviews which can start as early as February, so if you are undecided at the moment, but think you might be interested in a restricted course, you should include it before the deadline – you can always change it later with the Change of Mind facility.
If after the 1st February you have omitted a restricted course and wish to add it, you can avail of the Change of Course Choices facility from 5th February to 1st March at 17:15, however a fee of €10 applies.
With the exception of restricted category applicants – and applications for restricted courses – you will have the opportunity to change your mind for free as many times as you like from 5th May to 1st July at 17:15; your current decision does not have to be your final one.
Please remember though, for many applicants May and June will be busy months, and it may be easier to focus on researching your courses sooner rather than later when you don’t have the added pressure of examinations.
Some important points when choosing your courses:
Complete all ten choices on the Level 8 and Level 7/6 list. This is not compulsory, but it will give you more options at offer season.
Place your course choices in genuine order of preference, with your preferred course as your number one, your second favourite as number two, and so on. Do not order your courses based on what you think the points will be, or how well you think you will do in your examinations.
Make sure that you fully understand the course content for the courses that you are applying for, and make sure that you meet the minimum entry requirements. It is important to note that even if you get the points for your chosen course you will not get offered a place if you don’t have the minimum entry requirements.
If you are having trouble with any element of your CAO application, and if you cannot find the answer in the CAO Handbook or online, you can e-mail CAO through the `Contact Us` page. Please quote your CAO Application Number and include a summary of your query in the subject line.

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