After the results …

By now you will have got your first round offers and hopefully most of you will be feeling good about the next steps. If you are feeling disappointed please try to remember that these exam results do not define how good you are at a particular subject or how successful you will be in your future endeavours. They record how well you did on a particular day in exam conditions. Most of us can remember times when events did not go well for us and the profiles of many succesful people include early ups and downs. Do feel free to contact us if you have any queries or would like to talk about different options.

What next?
If you have applied to a UK college you should make contact at once and forward a copy of your results. If you have not got your place you will be eligible for Clearing. This is also an option for students who have not yet applied for UCAS. Available places are listed in Clearing on the UCAS site and applicants should contact the university admissions offices as soon as possible.

An increasing number of students are also starting to consider courses on offer in other parts of Europe through the Eunicas site.

Vacant courses – The CAO will publish a list of vacant places on their website tomorrow August 20th from noon.

Viewing scripts – a first step to deciding if you would like to request a re-check is to view your exam script. You will have a form in your results pack to fill in and return to the school. The deadline for this is 5pm tomorrow Tuesday 20th. The school will assign you a viewing time and you can ask a teacher to attend with you. The student must attend to view the script and and there is no charge.
Information on this process is on the exams website

Re-checks – you may request a recheck at a cost of 40 euros per paper which is refundable if you are upgraded. The closing date for this to reach the Department of Education is 5pm on Wednesday September 4th and your <request needs to reach the school before the 2nd September. Appeal results are issued to schools in mid-October. In a small number of cases a result may be downgraded following a recheck. In 2012 8,782 grades were appealed, 1,672 were upgraded, and three were downgraded. If you become eligible for a course following a recheck you will be offered this course and can accept it regardless of whether you have already accepted a course lower down your choices.

Accepting an offer
Do make sure to check the deadlines listed for accepting offers.
If you let an offer lapse you will lose it.
If you accept an offer which is not your first choice you will still have an option to accept a later offer from CAO either in Round Two or as a result of a upgrade if you become eligible.
If you do not accept your current offer you may not get another offer and your option would be to apply again next year.

We make every effort to include up to date and accurate information but please do check in with the relevant websites to make sure you have the information you need.

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