Important Dates

These are some of the Key Dates for the CAO process. Make sure to read all documents carefully and to reply to offers in advance of the deadline. If you miss a deadline you will lose your offer.

If you have any queries or need any help with the process please feel free to contact us. The best way to do this is to phone the school.

Monday August 19
Round One offers available on the CAO Website from 6 am and by post. Offers are made at Level 8 and also at Level 7 & 6 if applicable. You are allowed to accept one of these offers.

Tuesday August 20
If you wish to apply to view your Leaving Certificate scripts you must return the completed application forms to school by this date. This form was part of the pack with your results and there is no charge to view scripts. You must be present yourself to view the scripts and you can opt to be accompanied by one other person. If you don’t view your scripts you can still apply for rechecks.

CAO vacant places reopens at 12 pm.

Monday August 26
5.15pm deadline for acceptance of CAO Round One offers.

Thursday August 29th
Round Two offers available on the CAO website from 6 am or by post.

Friday August 30 and Saturday August 31

If you have applied to view scripts you will be allocated a time by the school. If you would like to ask a teacher to be present to view the scripts with you it is a good idea to contact them via the school well in advance.

Wednesday September 4th
Deadline for acceptance of Round Two offers.

Applications for rechecks of exam results must arrive at the State Examinations Commission (SEC) by this date so the school will need to have received your recheck request well in advance of this. Precise dates are included with your results and will be confirmed.

Early October
Results of Leaving Certificate rechecks will be released and new offers may be made.

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