Headsup Exam Support Webcast

Taking state exams can be a stressful experience. All that study, two weeks of exams and then the big wait for results. Around this time some big decisions are made about your future too. This of course can cause distress. What if you are not sure? What if you don’t want to decide yet? What if you want to go to college to do a certain course but didn’t get offered a place? What if you secured the option you wanted but are just a bit scared about future changes- leaving your old routine, maybe your friends, family for a new routine? HeadsUp wants to ease this transition for you. We want to try to provide answers to your worries and concerns by scheduling a webcast with a number of different experts who may be able to help you with your queries. These experts include:
• Dr Elaine Fitzgerald: Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist
Honor Mc Andrew- Institute of Guidance Counsellors representative
• NITA Whelan– Irish Association of University and College Counsellors representative
• Cian Dowling – Welfare Officer University College Dublin

The Webcast will be hosted by Emma Power from RTE.

So if you’re worried about Leaving Cert points, CAO offers, apprenticeships, repeating exams, gap year, studying abroad, transition to life after school, living away from home, making new friends, finding work, finding accommodation, supports within college, supports available prior to starting college or any other related concern.- then get in touch. Register HERE to joint us online on Friday the 16th at 14:30 to get help with your queries. You can also submit your queries prior to the webcast HERE. Any unanswered questions will be answered offline and posted onto the HeadsUp website along with a video of the webcast.

Date: August 16th 2013-08-12Start Time: 4:30pm
End Time: 14:30pm
Free Event

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