The UCD Ad Astra Academy – Elite Athlete programme

The UCD Ad Astra Academy – Elite Athlete programme entry procedure is additional and separate to that of the Central Applications Office. Students should complete their CAO forms as usual by the 1st February for undergraduate admission.   In addition to this process, eligible  undergraduate applicants should submit a separate application to the UCD Ad Astra Academy no later than the 31st January. Procedure: from application to offer:  The application procedure is divided into three stages: Stage1 – Application:  Students complete the UCD Ad Astra Academy application form (below). The form (5 copies), and all necessary accompanying documentation should be submitted together to Ann O’Hanlon, Elite Athlete Programme, Newstead Block C, UCD, Belfield, Dublin 4, no later than 31st January.      Elite Athlete Scholars – Application Form (pdf)  NB:  The closing date of 31 January will be strictly adhered to.   Stage 2 – Interview:  The applications are reviewed by the University and suitable candidates are selected for interview. Students who make it to the interview stage are notified in writing and informed of the time, venue, date and panel membership.  Stage 3 – Offers: Following the interview stage, placement offers will be made to successful applicants. These applicants will be expected to achieve certain subject and grade requirements for their programme.


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