DIT CourseWise – How to find out more about courses.

DIT CourseWise is your guide to the programmes and modules offered at Dublin Institute of Technology.

You can use this guide to browse programmes, and then go deeper into the detail of the modules associated with the programme of your choice. Alternatively, you can use CourseWise to search topics that are of particular interest to you, and identify which programmes offer modules corresponding to those topics.

While an outline of each DIT programme is available in the printed prospectus and on www.dit.ie, CourseWise provides a detailed explanation of what is involved in the study of each module. The information on CourseWise is generally accessible, but some detail can only be accessed by staff and registered students from within the DIT computer network.

CourseWise will be an invaluable tool for all students, and for academic colleagues in the design and development of programmes and in facilitating inter-disciplinary collaboration. We will continue to develop CourseWise to refine the content and the levels of access for different user groups. Your feedback will be invaluable in ensuring that it is both an accurate and useful resource for the various audiences who will use it. http://www.lttc.ie/coursewise/

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