CAO Statement of Application Record and Change of Mind

All CAO applicants should receive a Statement of Application record in the post today.

  It is essential that you check all the information .  You could lose a place if you ignore this notice.   This is a reminder but  the key information is on your Statement so read it carefully and follow the instructions given.  

You must inform CAO immediately if information is not listed or is incorrect.

  •   check your name, address and date of birth .
  •  check that your exam candidate number is correct
  •  that your course codes are correctly listed for the courses you want.
  • If you are taking exams this year or you have taken exams in the past these must be listed.
  • if you have a 2nd and or 3rd  language exemption this should be listed ( if it isn’t you can still process this and need to come and see us)
  • if you have taken HPAT, GAMSAT OR MSAP    you should log in to CAO to check these are on file.

Come and see us or email us if you need any help.

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