How to research a course …

If you are reading this then you are on the right track to find out more about a wealth of courses at third level and we will do our best to publish news about new courses, events and opportunities as we get it. The side bar lists useful sites. Third level means any courses you take after you complete your second level or secondary school education. Third level institutions include universities, private colleges and PLC’s or Post Leaving Certificate Colleges. Come and ask us or mail us if you have any questions.

Qualifax is an excellent site which lists most courses available in Ireland. You can create an account and keep a record of your course searches. You should click on Student – CAO – and then search for Level 8 (honours) and Level 7& 6( ordinary and certificate/diploma) courses.

Careers Portal is another excellent site which includes lots of useful information about different areas of work and courses. It has videos of people talking about their careers and links to professional bodies.

UCAS is the UK third level application site and it is very user friendly with videos and student forums. By clicking the other tariffs section under selection you can check out Leaving Certificate or IB minimum requirements.

Eunicas is a new site which lists study opportunities in Europe.

The university websites can provide excellent information about their courses and special attractions and about subject areas in general and of course you should talk to as many people as you can about possible areas of interest.

Students also have their Cambridge and Eirquest profiles with online access to their Career Room so this is well worth exploring again.



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