New DIT Engineering Course for 2012

DIT is proud to announce a brand-new programme for 2012 which will be available to applicants through the CAO.

Title:  Engineering (General Entry): Programme Code: DT097

This 1 year programme provides general access route into ….

Year 2 of a Level 7 Engineering Degree (Programmes DT002, DT003, DT004, DT005, DT006, DT007,DT008, DT009 or DT010), OR, Year 1 of a Level 8 Engineering Degree (Programmes DT081, DT021 or DT025)

Further information including the full programme description, progression details, module listing, LC entry requirements, etc, can be found on the DIT website –

How to apply …

New applicants (with currently no 2012 CAO number) interested in this programme can make an application when the CAO reopens at 12 noon on Monday 5th March 2012.  Go to   Closing Date:  5:15pm on 1st May 2012.

Applicants with a 2012 CAO number have until 5:15pm on 1st March to amend their course choices.  This will enable them to include this new programme on their list of programme options.

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